Birdman - What Happened To That Boy (Feat. Clipse)

Because it’s only right…

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Luiz Suarez first match for Barcelona will be against Real Madrid.


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I Can’t Wait | Nu Shooz

My sooooooooong

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seeing your crush like 

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I can make myself cry really fast its pretty effective when i dont wanna talk to someone or i need to get out of something i just pretend like i got a bad message and let the tears fall.

Okay Satan.

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Anonymous asked: (cont) moving ur hips and gridning on him and you'd take his shirt off and this kiss his torso and neck and keep kissin his lips and playing with his hair at the same time but then you'd feel him get hard so you'd tease him and he'd get really mad and start to whine so u start giving him a blow job real good and he'd be like 'shouldn't i help you out with that?' and he'd tell u to get up and be like 'get down for me baby' and then he'd hold ur hair for u while u suck him real good and hard




What is life right now?

Y’all got to chill with this man…

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